Here’s The Problem: Mannequins vs. People

Here’s The Problem:

Kyle: I tried on my purple sweater with some purple button downs underneath it last night and let me tell you

Kyle: i cannot dress the way most ofAmerica does and I do not know why

kara: Why can’t you dress like a person?

Kyle: It looked bulky and it just didn’t look “crisp and clean”

kara: Hmmm

kara: I think that is not a good sweater for a button down underneath

Kyle: But it was on the mannequin!

Kyle: He looked so smart and sophisticated

Kyle: I look homeless in nice clothes

kara: A mannequin is made of wood!

Kyle: But it is shaped to resemble a human!

kara: Not a REAL human

kara: A FANTASY human!!


Actual Problem:

kara: It’s like when I go to Victoria Secret and the lady mannequins have these amazing fake asses

kara: and then I go home and put my thong on and I’m like, UGH! HORROR!


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