Here’s The Problem: Breast Envy

Here’s The Problem: So, when I was looking at Lindsay Lohan’s leaked Playboy photos (shut up – you did it too) I started to feel really sad…for myself….mainly, for my breasts. As Lindsay’s sat proud and perky – I looked down at my own and could almost hear them saying “sorry – we tried”.

Actual Problem: When a girl who has been anorexic, bulimic and on drugs looks better naked than you.


3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Breast Envy

  1. Remember, her boobies are airbrushed… so they are probably saggy.

  2. It could be worse. At least you still have your boobs. When I look down, I see my ball-less empty sack hanging like a deflated balloon.

  3. the real problem is not had the magazine

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