Here’s the Problem: Sick Day


Here’s the Problem: Ever notice how being sick makes bad tv more palatable? During today’s sick day I have watched Regis and Kelly and some numnmskull who doesn’t know how to talk about anything other than himself, a Christmas repeat of The View where Mario Cantone and Joey McIntyre sang romantic duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (offensive to gays, straights and NKOTB fans alike) and an episode of The Doctors where they broadcast a Botox treatment and a laser eye surgery.

Actual Problem: At the hight of my fever (102.4 – I believe in the healing properties that taking your temperature and whining about it provides) I committed myself to watching this season of The Bachelor and during the girls’ introductions, I picked Jenna (the “blogger”) as my favorite. By the middle of hour 2 when she was crying and shaking in the bathroom by herself I realized I would have made the worst lesbian. I should have gone with Blakely, theVIP cocktail waitress.


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