Here’s The Problem: Laser Hair Removal

Here’s The Problem: Due to the fact that we live in what I like to call “Porn Culture” – most women in their twenties and thirties have gone bald….down there. It’s a bald, bald, vag world my friends. Guys don’t want to floss – you know? At least – that’s what they think because the array of porn they view shows nary a hair – anywhere! (Rhyming about pubes at 10am. Amazing.) But this problem is about laser hair removal – I urge you to think ahead girls. That shit is almost a permanent situation – so be wary when deciding just how much hair you want to burn off for good.


Actual Problem: Brazilian when you’re 80????? I shudder.



3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Laser Hair Removal

  1. A hairy coochie at 80 is probably worse! ick.

  2. you obviously haven’t been privy to grey pubes yet…after seeing your first one…you will definitely agree that bald is the way to go…i’ll let you know when I get there myself…

  3. I was thinking (upon reading this) that the looser your skin gets, the more you’d want to opt for laser. I mean are you really going to meet the man of your dreams at 75 – 80 and he’s going to say, “Gosh I only wish you had more pubic hair!”

    I fail to see the problem here. Can’t afford it myself, but would if I could.

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