Here’s The Problem: Grow the Fuck Up

Here’s The Problem: It’s hard growing up. Sometimes I feel like I’m still 4 – like in the picture. (Weren’t Lisa and I super cute? And our fashion sense was so in-synch and we didn’t even KNOW each other yet!!! OSH KOSH for LIFE.) Anyway, the point is that growing up and becoming an adult is a process that is much harder than anyone lets on. But here’s the deal – we HAVE to do it and I’m sick of people our age acting like they’re still teenagers. Buck up everyone. BUCK UP.

Actual Problem: Keep up the non-age-appropriate behavior and you’ll be playing Xbox alone at 45 wishing you had got your shit together at 30.

This has been a PSA for the “youth” of America.


*** this does not apply to Intern Hil and her pals – the REAL youth of America


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