Here’s the Problem: Katy Perry Dating Tim Tebow?

Here’s the Problem:  When I first read the headline (headline!  Cuz this is NEWS people) that Katy Perry and Tim Tebow are doin’ it, I thought it was just a hook to read a shitty article. I mean – there’s no way, right?  She had a naked wedding and kisses girls and he… probably wears a purity ring? (I don’t know anything about football).  But it might be true.  Or at the very least, it’s not April Fools Day.  Katy’s parents are apparently all over this shit – inviting Tebow to go to church with them.

Actual Problem:  A friend of Katy’s mom was quoted in OK Magazine saying,

Katy’s mom firmly believes the best cure for heartache is to quickly fall in love again

Great advice mom.  That’s right up there with saying, “The best way to get over an STD is to share it with as many people as you can”.



One response to “Here’s the Problem: Katy Perry Dating Tim Tebow?

  1. Not sure if I trust Katy Perry’s parents or their judgement….did you read the article about Katy Perry’s dad and how he went on this huge anti-Semitic rant. I think it’s on TMZ or E!, but he had to like apologize and everything.

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