Here’s The Problem: Brad and Angelina….


Here’s The Problem: These people. Do you recognize them? They are shadows of themselves. Remember when Brad was super hot? Didn’t walk with a cane? Washed his hair once in awhile? Remember when Angelina was smooching her brother and stealing Jen’s husband and was so.damn.beautiful you wanted to punch her in the face? It’s like they got old and boring and no longer have mirrors or stylists or food…or shampoo.

Actual Problem: When beautiful people don’t age well….there is not a lot of hope for the rest of us.

3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Brad and Angelina….

  1. You don’t think they look good in that photo? I agree that Brad has been iffy as of late, but since he’s shaved his beard, he’s looking pretty good.

  2. That is a serious problem.

  3. I will never understand why people think (or once thought) she is (was) beautiful. To me, she has always looked totally bitchy and mean. Even smiling she kind of creeps me out.

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