Here’s the Problem: Mary J Oscar Snub (From Guest Blogger Josh!!!!!!)

Here’s The Problem: Mary J Blige is pissed.  Not only does she look more and more like Nene from Real Housewives as time goes by, but her song from The Help wasn’t nominated.  5 songs could receive a nomination, but only two got them.  Thankfully at least one is from The Muppets.  Lots of people didn’t get nominated though, and in her quest to show how angry she is, Mary tweeted that the Academy is “mean” for doing this.

Actual Problem: “Masterpiece” and “Hello Hello” were also not nominated, which means we won’t get Madonna vs. Elton Round 2.

***Josh is half of the genius that writes Sir! The Blog.  You should check it out.  Daily.  They write more than we do.  And better than we do.  God, why are you even here right now??? Go get Sir’d!!!


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