Here’s The Problem: Rihanna & Chris…Together Again?

Here’s The Problem: Rihanna and Chris Brown are recording songs together. Making music. Laying down tracks. Spitting some jams. …..Now, how did this all happen? Were RiRi’s people sitting around, trying to think of her next career move and then came up with: “Hey – let’s call that guy who beat the shit outta her. He’ll be great for a remix!”

So, for the remix of her song: Birthday Cake, ex Chris Brown adds in these awesome lyrics:

“Girl I wanna f-ck you right now. Been a long time I been missing your body….”

Actual Problem: I wonder if he’s missing her body as a punching bag too?


4 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Rihanna & Chris…Together Again?

  1. whoever wrote this article has no life. yeh what chris brown down was unforgiveable but riri has 4given him so whats it to you. i personally am happy to see them back tgether. they are so adorable together. i think true lovers always find a way back together and thats what has happened in this case. so leave them alone and get some proper problems to write about.

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  3. I’d have to disagree and say that this is a pretty big problem. Rihanna has to accept that she’s in the public eye, and by taking back someone abusive she’s sending the message to everyone–little girls, even–that men beating women can be shrugged off. I’m glad that writers, bloggers, WHOEVER can address this–seriously or humorously–just to wake up the public that Chris Brown is a piece of garbage.

  4. People like Rihanna chose to be exposed to the world. She makes millions off of us. In some twisted way we pay to talk about her. (there’s a problem!) So preach on! It is a problem!

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