Here’s the Problem: Snooki is Pregnant

Here’s the Problem

Lisa: Kar.
Snooki is pregnant
 let’s go
 Kara: I KNOW
 I’ve been telling everyone
 no one will listen to me
  Lisa: No one wants to hear it
 it’s like, the holocaust
 people just want to be ignorantly blissful
 Kara: Yes. very much the same
 but like – guys – ignoring it doesn’t make it go away
 this is real.

 Actual Problem:

 Kara: You know what makes me really nervous?
 like – how much drinking has she done while being pregs?
Lisa: Eh
 I think everyone drinks in the beginning, right?
Lisa: Abortions are expensive. Vodka tonics are cheap.


2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Snooki is Pregnant

  1. you don’t understand how eagerly I’ve been awaiting this “Here’s the Problem”…..ever since the news broke. Wow….

  2. wow, snooki’s pregnant? i guess this is the second coming of christ, as this surely will be a virginal birth.

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