Here’s the Problem: Amanda Bynes is a Badass! (and an idiot)

Here’s the Problem:  Amanda Bynes was pulled over last night for being on her cell phone in the car (you’re telling me Amanda Bynes – who once had her own SELF TITLED SHOW – cannot afford a damn bluetooth?  For shame, America).  When the cop went back to his car to write the ticket (and clean him self up after realizing, HOLY SHIT! THAT’S AMANDA FUCKING BYNES!) she sped away.  SPED!  Oh no girl, no.

Actual Problem: This may have flown during the height of her career (She’s the Man, duhzers), but since Mandy (re)retired from acting, she cannot pull this shit off.  You’re one of us now, Amanda. Suck it up.

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