Here’s the Problem: Cameron Diaz Refuses to Age

Here’s the Problem:  An “insider” (seriously, who are these awful bitches who tell gossip rags about their friend’s weight or boss’s fetish’s?) told In Touch that Cameron will not even read a script if she’s up for a character who is 40-years-old.  Cameron’s 39 (and a half).  It’s time to look at the man in the mirror and realize who you are.

Actual Problem: It’s a role.  You’re an actress.  If you can’t pull off a part that is 6 months older than you, maybe you’re in the wrong business.  At 15 I was the most vibrant Mrs. Cratchit in all of Bergen County and I wore those makeup wrinkles with pride.


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Cameron Diaz Refuses to Age

  1. she looks pretty gorgeous to me. i wish there were women in the media who wanted to age naturally and role model what it is like to be a graceful proud older woman who earned her status as such.

  2. didn’t you get molested by your english teacher that same play?

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