Here’s The Problem: GIRLS

Here’s The Problem: This show is a problem. To be fair – I hated it before I even watched it. My friend Moye knew that something was amiss. She wrote about it. And let me tell you – when Moye has something to say, it’s important to take that into account. And ya know what Moye said? She said “WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS”. I have to agree….among other problems. Let’s list some things that these white girls did on this show that no self-respecting girl (of ANY ethnicity) would do:

  1. Take a bath while eating a cupcake while your roommate shaves her legs in the same bath.
  2. Be supported financially by her parents 2 YEARS after graduating college.
  3. Not recognize that you are in need of bronzer ……a whole lot of it.
  4. Lay face down on the couch like a bitch (trying to unsuccessfully take off your ugly tights like you have some sort of palsy) while waiting for some UGLY loser to come out of the bathroom and do you doggie-style.

Actual Problem: The actual problem is that this is not real. Girls are not really this dumb (white or not). And I resent a show that says we are.


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