Here’s the Problem: Goddammit, Amanda Bynes

Here’s the Problem:  What the fuck Amanda Bynes?  You were the last good one.   When Lindsay was blowing up the coke scene and Paris and Britney were showing their crotches to every open car door you were making ABC Family movies and walking old ladies across the street.  But now… oh Mandy.  Drunkenly hitting cop cars, drunkenly driving up on curbs, drunkenly dying her hair that awful shade of pink.

Actual Problem: This is setting a bad example for all the other goody-two-shoes 90s teen stars, and if I wake up one morning to a story about Frankie Munoz using money made from a sex tape with Courtney Love to score heroin I’m blaming it on that once-charming young girl from What I Like About You.


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