Here’s The Problem: Love – TV Style….

Here’s The Problem: This morning as I attempted the hour long process of trying to make a 28 year old hag look like a 25 year old go-getter, I put ABC family on in the background. As I listened to the dulcet tones of Boy Meets World, something struck me. Cory & Topanga. Now THAT was a love story. A brillow headed boy meets a tree hugging hippie and they fall in love. Love, that at times seemed too intense and extremely age-inappropriate. Love that defied all odds and withstood the test of time (not to mention the tests Mr. Feeney gave).  So what’s the problem here? I’ll tell you. The problem is simple. Our generation never had a chance. We were given unreasonable expectations with all this Cory and Topanga – Rachel and Ross – Zack and Kelly. We saw all this nonsense and thought “oh – love is like THIS”.

Actual Problem: For every boom box that wasn’t held up outside my window, for every fight that didn’t end in a kiss in front of a fountain at Disneyworld, for that boy I thought would eventually see the light and come back cause things were “meant to be” – I blame the television


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