Here’s The Problem: Lea Michele is NOT Kim Kardashian

Here’s The Problem: Girl. Girl. GIRL.

Look, I understand that as women – we are constantly comparing ourselves to one another. Her boobs are bigger (and higher) than mine. Her nose is smaller than mine. I wish my thighs looked like hers. I’m so glad my ass does NOT look like hers. This sort of compare and contrast is natural among us gals. But let’s try to keep it in check. Let’s not become deluded in our perception of ourselves. Case and point: Lea Michele tweeting this picture to Kim Kardashian asking if they look alike.


No bitch. Of course you don’t look alike. And Kim was so sweet to humor you with her reply of “Twins!”.

Actual Problem: This is the same girl I was mistaken for….twice. Don’t really know how to feel about that.

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