Here’s The Problem: GIRLS……I spoke too soon

Here’s The Problem: I do this sometimes…I jump the gun. I speak before I have all the facts. And I think….I may have done this with GIRLS. Now, look, I stand by what I said – WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS. These bitches whine like no other and the whole lot of ‘em are dumb as shit. But you know what…..? That Shit is FUNNY. They finally got their hooks into me with one simple line “you can touch it of you want”. I died.

Actual Problem: I’ve been fed that line before. Yes, in real life. And yes – I snorted then too.


2 responses to “Here’s The Problem: GIRLS……I spoke too soon

  1. thehollywoodassistant

    Actual Actual Problem: It is “I spoke TOO soon” – not “to soon”…because then “soon” would be a name…

    Actual Actual Actual Problem: I actually know a girl named “Soon”

  2. Thank God, cause I love this show and your blog, and I was having some cognitive dissonance after seeing that you hated this show… Cause this show is fantastic. So happy to hear you ladies have come to your senses and are once again awesome.

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