Here’s the Problem: GIRLS! (the show)

Here’s the Problem:  I can not hold my tongue anymore.   I LOVE GIRLS.  The show.  I mean, I like the gender too… not like that… I mean…

I like the show.  And I didn’t think I was supposed to like the show.  Because until today Kara was angry about it and Jessie was angry about it and those are two girls  females whose opinions I respect.  But my roommate, Bobbie, had me watch the first 2 episodes a couple weeks ago and you know what? I adore it!  I love a show that is fairly accurate about the mistakes that women make in their early 20s.  I’m not saying I’ve done opium and asked my parents to give me money (all my opium usage was done with the understanding that I will be just as poor after as I was before). And I’m not saying I’ve let my boss touch me inappropriately (although I had to take a second and go through all my jobs before I confirmed that sentence was true).  But I think every girl has had a shitty relationship with a guy that gave her a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach and all her friends begged her to stop seeing him but she just can’t resist a dick pic wearing a fur shawl.  And while eating cupcakes in the bathtub is weird… I kinda want to do it.  I mean, cupcakes are fucking awesome no matter where you eat them.

And I really like the friendships.  A lot has been said about how these characters are generally unlikable and that it’s crazy that they all care about each other since they’re all so off putting.  Well that’s life.  Some of your friends suck.  Not all the time… but even if it’s most of the time, there was some span when either you sucked too or you liked that they sucked or you ignored that they sucked and during those times you went on vacations together or had dramatic nights at parties in cities too to far walk home from and shared really long gchat conversations about subjects that would later prove meaningless.  Friends are friends despite how awful they can be.

Actual Problem:  So it’s established.  I like Girls.  Ugh.  The show.  But I don’t like the title.  It’s confusing.  And when I had to ask Bobbie how to watch on HBOGo I felt like I was doing something really wrong:

Me 4:26 PM : where do you watch girls online?
and if IT is reading this I meant Girls, the show
  nothing weird
  well, except for the weird parts in Girls
  the show
  not girls
  BOBBIE. Where can I watch the HBO show Girls on the internet?

2 responses to “Here’s the Problem: GIRLS! (the show)

  1. Kings Alace Resident #3

    Dear Lisa, It’s ok to like girls. And if I.T. has a problem with it, they should move to North Carolina.

    I love/hate the show, for the same reasons. But I will never completely love it because the main character reminds me so so so much of the roommate we had before you moved in (again) and she was a huge turd. What up Meg!

  2. Um, hey. I still have the internet.

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