Here’s The Problem: Where The FUCK Have We Been???

Well, for starters, Lisa has been chasing me around with this big sword…..

HTP: Listen. I know we’ve been gone for what seems like a very long time…..and perhaps it has been. So, I say to our loyal fans – suck it up. We’re back now and there are many more problems to discuss. I don’t want to get into the details of why we’ve been gone, because in any relationship it’s best to keep some mystery (so gals, keep the door shut when you pee at your boyfriend’s house – Jesus)…..I’ll just say that a lot has gone on. We got really angry for a while that we didn’t write GIRLS ourselves. I turned 29 and had what can only be described as a total nervous breakdown. We both have semi-grown up jobs now and must conduct ourselves with a sense of decorum….which basically means going into Ann Fucking Taylor trying to find a skirt that isn’t short enough to be deemed sexual. UGH.

ANYWAY……..we’re trying to be better. We’re trying to come back. And we still love you and want to constantly talk shit to make you laugh…….get ready!


3 responses to “Here’s The Problem: Where The FUCK Have We Been???

  1. You guys – I made it onto HTP (in the background – wearing a weird costume). Nonetheless, I have arrived.

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