Here’s the Problem: Kate Gosselin Dating Show – FINALLY

Here’s the Problem:  Guys.  GUYS!!!  Remember Kate Gosselin?  The woman who verbally abused her husband even though he gave her 8 children with adorable Asian features worth watching TLC for?  To recap – they got divorced, their TV show was cancelled, her husband went into an Ed Hardy isolation chamber and came out a Michael Lohan-loving douchebag and she got a full body lift and went to paparazzis’ houses in the middle of the night and violently shook them awake until they agreed to photograph her on a beach.  Remember?   Well, anyway, she’s back.  E! Online announced that she’s trying to find love through a reality competition show, because, duh, this woman can’t wipe her butt unless there’s a camera there to capture it.  Guys – WE CAME BACK JUST IN TIME!!!

Actual Problem:  The show is just a development (probably only in Kate’s mind).  What if it doesn’t get picked up?  What if it doesn’t become a long running series where Kate hands out thorny stems to men whose lives she wants to ruin? What if she never gets remarried and the rest of the planet is denied the possibility of a Kate Gosselin wedding special?!  Someone please buy this show.  I’ll contribute to the kickstarter.


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