Here’s The Problem: Kristen Stewart is a Cheater

Here’s The Problem: Kristen Stewart is a cheater. Cheater, cheater, cheater. I wonder about things like this. I think to myself – Self, if you had a lovely, pale skinned,  glitters in the sun, looks good even when he hasn’t bathed, boyfriend….would you cheat on him with an old married dude? I have to say NO. I mean, I WANT to say no…..but this isn’t about me. It’s about that cheater K-Stew. Here is a quote from the object of her indiscretion:

 “I think Kristen is incredibly brave, she played such a good version Bella Swan, people think Kristen Stewart is Bella Swan. She’s not, you know? If you meet Kristen, she’s wildly kind of giggly and vivacious and rebellious and naughty—all things that Bella Swan isn’t.”

And a cheater. You forgot that she’s a cheater.

Actual Problem: I’m so pious this morning with all my “she’s a cheater, she’s a cheater” yammering. I don’t really know where that’s coming from….I guess it’s just the single gal’s lament. Cause let me tell you – as soon as I get a boyfriend, sign me up for a side dish. Right?


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