Here’s the Problem: Poor Shy Little Lindsay Lohan

Here’s the Problem:  TMZ is reporting the most darling story about the most modest girl in all the land – Lindsay Lohan.  Apparently, Miss Lohan was to shoot a sex scene for her latest movie, but she was so embarrassed!  The thought of baring her breasts in front all those cameramen was just to much for this shy little princess to handle.  What is a lady to do?  Ah, yes, she asked that the crew strip down to their boxers.  This way, she wasn’t alone in her partial nudity.  How charming.

Actual Problem:  What. The. Fuck.  Did she hit her head and forget that she posed nude for Playboy?  Where any homeless with $7 could see her barely covered breasts?  Or did she just realize that this is the only chance that her droopy boobs would get someone to take their pants off.


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