Here’s the Problem: Help Me Win At Life

I have since lost a lot of weight (in my face, mostly), and I’d like Bob to see that.

Here’s the Problem:  Bob Saget is giving away a Shabbat dinner with him to a lucky winner.  You guys know I’m in love with Bob, right?  Welp – there it is.  Out in the open.  Also, I’m Jewish and haven’t had a solid Shabbat dinner since my friend who grew up with an outhouse moved to Omaha.  Obviously, this is not a problem.  Keep reading…

Actual Problem:  I’d really like to tell you how to enter this raffle.  That way, when you win, you can transfer the prize – the prize of all prizes – to me.   But how can I be sure you’ll do it?  How do I know you won’t just enter, reduce my chances of winning, and then take the prize for yourself when you win?  How can you trust people?  People are the worst.  They lie and cheat.  Except Bob.  He’s the best.

If you promise to enter on my behalf, and you win, and you give me the dinner with Bob, I’ll find a way to set up a Shabbat dinner for you and your crush*.  You seriously have to promise, though.  Pinky swear.  No take backs.   Ok.  Great.  Here’s how to enter.

*Your crush  cannot be as famous as my crush.



**Special thanks to Jamie for making me aware of this and putting in the leg work to help make my dream come true.  Also, thank you for putting up with me when I was on morphine and thanks for bringing cheese to my house when my mom was staying with me and thanks for that roller skate necklace.  You’re the best too.


3 responses to “Here’s the Problem: Help Me Win At Life

  1. Jamie has already been such a sweet, mastermind! The rules state 5 entries per person… Between the two of us – you now have 10 entries! *fingers crossed* – rg

  2. This is your friend who formerly had an outhouse. Are you telling me I gotta donate 5 times for you?? I’m seriously thinking about it. It’s a good thing I love you and I love people eating Shabbat dinners. Wouldn’t be just as fabulous of an evening if you just flew here for a Shabbat dinner, right? Hmmmm….

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