Here’s the Problem: OKCannibal

Here’s the Problem:  Just when you thought online dating couldn’t get any worse… turns out it could.  It is now entirely possible that instead of sitting through a painful dinner – you could end up BEING dinner.  Introducing:  the Cannibal Cop, or as his OkCupid profile moniker says “Valleee3”.  Charged yesterday with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, Gilberto Valle conspired with 2 “friends” to kidnap, cook, and eat body parts of women he has met.   His online dating profile is just as lame as every other non-datable 20-something New Yorker.  He has a sense of humor (yawn), likes animals (zzzzzzzz) and enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews (blah blah blah) .  

Actual Problem:  He’s listed his favorite book as “Green Eggs and Ham”.  So yeah, just like every other horrible date you’ll find online – his palate is about as advanced as a kindergartner.  If you’ve been waiting for a wink back from this guy, he’s probably a little tied up right now.  Luckily – you’re not.


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