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Here’s The Problem: Brad Pitt’s Chanel Commercial


We return to you today – after a very long absence – to address what may be the biggest problem we faced in 2012.

Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercial.

I’d like to take this time to share with you the script from the commercial. Which appears to have been written by someone on acid or maybe just a moron…..

It’s not a journey. Every journey ends – but we go on.
The world turns and we turn with it.

Plans disappear.
Dreams take over.

But wherever I go – there you are.
My luck, my fate, my future.

Chanel #5.

Now, if you’re still with me – if you haven’t vomited or banged your head against the wall out of frustration – I’d like to address the ACTUAL PROBLEM:


The face of a man who was once deemed “The Sexiest Man Alive”.

While the world was turning, plans were disappearing and a journey was ending – Brad Pitt turned into a homeless man. An old hobo, if you will. And I don’t know about you – but I don’t  think hobos are sexy and I certainly don’t want to use any scent that may be associated with them.

**This problem is dedicated to my pal, Mr. Lemon. Thank you Mr. Lemon, for reminding me that there are still problems out there and for encouraging me to read the newspaper and listen to Rod Stewart.