Here’s The Problem: The iPotty

Here’s The Problem: Apparently, 2013 is the year of ASININE. Though parents have been potty training since the dawn of time, CTA Digital seems to think that new methods must be brought into play. Lois Eiler, of CTA Digital says: “When you are potty training you have to keep them busy. This keeps them engaged and gives them rewards for the right kind of behavior.” Thanks for that, Lois. I remember a time when getting a cookie for shitting in a bowl was enough reward for any child. Ahhh – memories……

Actual Problem: If you teach your kid that something as simple as going to the bathroom requires entertainment – I shudder to think what the next generation will achieve.

One response to “Here’s The Problem: The iPotty

  1. As someone who has forgotten his smartphone when going to spend some time on the throne, I would be approving of an adult version of this tool.

    Just sayin.

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