Here’s the Problem: Another Rob Pat/KStew Break Up?


Here’s the Problem:  Robert Pattinson might have dumped Kristen Stewart’s ass – AGAIN.  Are we supposed to care?  I’d be better off following the sneezing habits of a kindergarten class where no one’s gotten their flu shot.

Lisa:     Kar –  The Sun is reporting that the Rob Pat and K Stew broke up again this past weekend.  Is this worth writing about?

Kara Again?

Lisa:     Ugh, yes

Kara:  All that sex and still they break up?
 Lisa:   Maybe the chafing tore them apart

Kara:  Oof.   That’s rough
Lisa:  Literally
Kara:  This would be a great campaign for KY 

Lisa:  Ha!!  It might be just tabloid junk anyway.  Maybe I shouldn’t post it.

Kara:  What the hell?! We’re not a factual newspaper.  Write it!

Actual Problem:  Sooo maybe they broke up, maybe they didn’t.  Either way – use this as a lesson and go buy some lube.

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