Here’s the Problem: The New Kim Is Lame


Here’s the Problem:  I pulled out a bunch of mixed CDs from high school the other day because the radio is getting BORING.  One of  the better ones was “Songs To Listen To When You’re Trying To Get To Work On Time,” a mixed CD with fast paced music made to get my fat ass to pick it up when I worked in Manhattan and had to hoof it from the Port Authority to 55th and 5th. 

Anyway… track 10 on this motivational mix was 50 Cent’s, “How to Rob,” where the Fiddy talks about all the ways he’ll still make cash if his record doesn’t sell, one of which is to kidnap “Kim” and hold her for ransom.

Actual Problem:  Guys – remember when rap songs talked about Kim and it referred to Lil Kim – that hardcore bitch from the streets of Brooklyn?  Now, when a rap song references a Kim, they’re talking about the reality TV star from the mansions of Calabasas.


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