Here’s the Problem: Beyonce Has NOTHING to Prove to You (or Randy Jackson)

Here’s the Problem:  Beyonce lip sang (lip synced? lip sunk?) at the president’s inauguration this year.  It happened.  It was a national tragedy.  We have to move on.  (but never forget)

However, yesterday, at a press conference about her upcoming Superbowl performance, Beyonce not only pledged to sing live, she sang the national anthem.  Right there.  On the spot.  LIVE.  Sure, it was spectacular, but she didn’t have to do it!  No one was claiming that she couldn’t sing.  Beyonce has pipes.  We all know it.  So say you’re excited to sing live at the football game and get on with it.  You don’t have to prove yourself to us, BEYONCE!!

Actual Problem:  In those close up shots she looks like she’s auditioning at Hollywood Week of American Idol.  You are R&B royalty.  Do not demean yourself by looking like you’re trying to get admittance into the “dawg pound”, BEYONCE!!!!

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