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Here’s the Problem: The Beyonce/Blue Chit-Chat (AN INTERN HILLARY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here’s the Problem:   Beyonce, in her upcoming Vogue profile, describes the birth of her homey and BFF, Blue. She said, “We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.” Like ok Beyonce, there’s no way you were in such a chatty mood while you were pushing that 8 pound baby out of your vag. 

 Actual Problem: Yeah yeah, Beyonce, we all know you’re super woman but you’re not THAT super….

LMVO: HTP Discusses…..Weightloss

Honey Boo Boo’s Mama Lost Some weight. We discuss.





Here’s The Problem: Old Balls are Old Balls (or…..Tim McGraw goes Commando)

Here’s The Problem: On his recent visit to the Ellen show, 45 year old Tim McGraw divulged that he was not wearing underwear because his pants were too tight. Everyone is swooning over how sexy this is…..

Actual Problem: Sweaty, hanging, 45 year old balls in leather pants. That shit doesn’t breath like cotton…I’m not sure what you all are getting hot and bothered about here.

Here’s the Problem: Beyonce Has NOTHING to Prove to You (or Randy Jackson)

Here’s the Problem:  Beyonce lip sang (lip synced? lip sunk?) at the president’s inauguration this year.  It happened.  It was a national tragedy.  We have to move on.  (but never forget)

However, yesterday, at a press conference about her upcoming Superbowl performance, Beyonce not only pledged to sing live, she sang the national anthem.  Right there.  On the spot.  LIVE.  Sure, it was spectacular, but she didn’t have to do it!  No one was claiming that she couldn’t sing.  Beyonce has pipes.  We all know it.  So say you’re excited to sing live at the football game and get on with it.  You don’t have to prove yourself to us, BEYONCE!!

Actual Problem:  In those close up shots she looks like she’s auditioning at Hollywood Week of American Idol.  You are R&B royalty.  Do not demean yourself by looking like you’re trying to get admittance into the “dawg pound”, BEYONCE!!!!

Here’s The Problem: Child Doctors and their Idiot Patients

Here’s The Problem: An teen was caught impersonating a doctor and writing patients prescriptions at an Australian hospital. He was last seen trying to he;p a 12 year old girl who had hurt her leg falling off a pony (this detail may be false….this ain’t the news folks).

Actual Problem: This dude is 17 years old. Unless he is suffering from the aging disease feature in JACK – didn’t ANYONE find it odd that a CHILD was seeing to their medical needs?

Laughing My Vagina Off

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