Monthly Archives: June 2013

Here’s The Problem: North West

Here’s The Problem: Just when you think that Kanye & Kim couldn’t be any more ridiculous – they prove you wrong. It’s as if they sat around thinking “What can we do to just blow everyone’s minds?”. Well, kudos to you both! This is the dumbest name in the history of, perhaps, the world. But the bigger issue here are the questions that are now raised:

Actual Problem:
Will the baby be allowed to fly on South West?
Will she eventually have a sister named Wild Wild?
Does Blanket Jackson have to hand over the trophy for Most Ridic Moniker?

Here’s The Problem: Kate Middleton Takes Maternity Leave

Here’s The Problem: It seems that the preggo Duchess is taking a much needed “maternity leave” beginning June 13th…..

Actual Problem: Obviously, ribbon cutting and waving takes A LOT more energy than any of us ever imagined.

Here’s The Problem: Never to Old to go Down…..

Here’s The Problem: My friend Kyle likes to keep up with the OLDS. Don’t be confused, OLDS is not an acronym for anything, it’s simply a term we use for the elderly. Anyhow, he was telling a frightening story (the he swears is based on fact) that chronicled the astonishing number of STD’s that are contracted in NURSING HOMES. While I tried to get this out of my head (because a granny with crabs is just wrong), I awoke to the news that Michael Douglas is blaming his throat cancer on oral sex.

Actual Problem:  My GOD – there are so many here. Why don’t you save me the trouble and see how many “actual problems” you can come up with? It will be easy! Easy as your Grandma! BURN! OH!

Sorry……..I’m all out of sorts over this.