Here’s The Problem: Never to Old to go Down…..

Here’s The Problem: My friend Kyle likes to keep up with the OLDS. Don’t be confused, OLDS is not an acronym for anything, it’s simply a term we use for the elderly. Anyhow, he was telling a frightening story (the he swears is based on fact) that chronicled the astonishing number of STD’s that are contracted in NURSING HOMES. While I tried to get this out of my head (because a granny with crabs is just wrong), I awoke to the news that Michael Douglas is blaming his throat cancer on oral sex.

Actual Problem:  My GOD – there are so many here. Why don’t you save me the trouble and see how many “actual problems” you can come up with? It will be easy! Easy as your Grandma! BURN! OH!

Sorry……..I’m all out of sorts over this.


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