Here’s The Problem: Death Tributes at the Emmy’s

Here’s The Problem: Look, I hate death just as much as the rest of you. Death BLOWS. It’s like, the ultimate DO NOT PASS GO – DO NOT COLLECT $200. But let’s talk about the death of Corey Monteith, 31 year old drug addict and co-star of one program about singing high schoolers vs the deaths of LEGENDS like Jean Stapleton and Mr. James Gandolfini (to name just a few recents). This year, at the EMMY’s,  there will be some sort of “Tribute” to Monteith. REALLY???? REALLY?????? I want to know where the tribute is for Jean. And James. And Roger Ebert (he is totes giving two thumbs WAY down). AND WHAT ABOUT ANNETTE FUNICELLO???

Actual Problem: I’ve typed the “actual problem” about twelve different ways now and each time will still be offending the Monteith mourners…..So, I leave it at – TRIBUTE FOR ALL OR TRIBUTE FOR NONE!

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