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Here’s The Problem: Miley Cyrus Sexually Assaults the VMA’s

Here’s The Problem: I woke up to a flurry – I mean a FLURRY – of Miley/VMA related news. Now, since I’m one hundred (30) years old now, I didn’t watch the VMA’s. Couldn’t. That shit is for the Kids. But I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Oh. My. MILEY.


Actual Problem: Amanda Bynes does this same shit all day, everyday and she’s on lock down……just saying.

Here’s The Problem: Shittens


Here’s The Problem: A new product is out. Shittens. They are mittens designed to keep your hands protected from shit. I guess some people are really unloading heaps and heaps of crap with reckless abandon and therefor can’t control their own hand when wiping.

Actual Problem: These new shit mittens cannot be flushed. Now what? NOW WHAT? A special trash can just for the shit mittens? The shit can? OH WAIT….that exists already – it’s called a TOILET!

Laugh Your Vag RIGHT OFF….if you don’t fall asleep first….




Happy Friday!!


Hey Ladies! Laugh Your Vag Off! (And then do anything else you want – it’s your right)


Laugh Your Vag Off. Seriously, Laugh it right OFF.


Go here. Now. Go ahead: