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Here’s the Problem: Guy Fieri and His Hairdresser

Here’s the Problem:  Guy Fieri got into an AWESOME car fight with his hairdresser the other night.  Like, a big ol’ physical fight that concluded when Guy literally kicks – KICKS! With his foot! – his sobbing hairdresser out of his car.

Actual Problem:  Frosted tips.

Here’s The Problem: Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

After Julianne Hough wore blackface to celebrate the holiday (and apparently, racism), HTP felt the need to post a quick DO’s and DON’T’s list….enjoy!

(obvs, this is a DON’T)

DO: Enjoy treats! Candy! Cookies! Cupcakes! Orange frosting as far as the eye can see!

DON’T: Come to the office dressed as a sexy nurse…..that’s just awkward.

DO: Attend a party or two with friends!

DON’T: Get wasted and throw up in someone’s pumpkin. Not cool.

DO: Watch the Roseanne Scare-a-thon!!!

DON’T: Prank co-workers you hate and then blame it on the holiday. Do that on your own time.

DO: Allow your kids to pick out their own costumes…no matter how weird (“Mom, I want to be a box!”)

DON’T: Show up at your kid’s school in your OWN costume……UNLESS, of course, your kid has been a little shit recently and this is your form of punishment….(good idea, right?)