Here’s the Problem: TRAVESTY ALERT: Lil Mama Joins TLC at AMAs

Here’s the Problem:  Lil Mama continued her impersonation of Lisa Left-Eye Lopez at the American Music Awards last night.  After starring in the Crazy Sexy Cool biopic a few months ago, Lil (can we call you Lil?) thought she slip right in and complete the trio in the performance – like we wouldn’t notice?!?!  First, Miss Mama is young enough to be T-Boz and Chilli’s granddaughter, and that was made abundantly clear as she over-danced the hell out of it while the legacy members looked like they were getting through a dose of horse tranquilizers.

Actual Problem:  Can we just get the diamond-crying kitty to replace all dead artists from now on?  Yes, I am saying that there should be a feline Cory Monteith on the last season of Glee.  Too soon?


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