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Here’s The Problem: DARE to go BARE…

Here’s The Problem: A headline this morning on US WEEKLY is: “Brave Girl! Jessica Simpson goes without makeup on date night!”

Inside the article, it says that she made a “daring choice”.

Actual Problem: Going without makeup is not brave. It is not daring. It’s four out of seven days a week for me…so, if it IS daring & brave, I am a HERO. Why is no one congratulating me?? Maybe cause they’re too busy screaming and running away…

Here’s The Problem: The Sound of Music Live: A REVIEW

Here’s The Problem: In a follow up to yesterday’s pre-game post, here is a very short review of The Sound of Music Live.

Carrie should never act. Never ever. Just. Keep. Singing.

Actual Problem: Finding myself rooting for the Nazi’s.


Here’s the Problem: Sound Of Music – LIVE

Here’s The Problem: Tardy for the Party – Skinny Edition

Here’s The Problem: In a problem that is boggling my mind, Kim Zolciak is reportedly down to a size FOUR only NINE days after giving birth to twins. That’s TWO babies. In her body. For nine months. And nine DAYS later – she looks like this! How? HOW????

Actual Problem: I cant figure out the actual problem for this…but I know it has something to do with her looking better than me. Than us. Than YOU. That’s right, I said it. How do ya like them apples?