Here’s The Problem: Justin Bieber

Here’s The Problem: Little Biebs is currently running amok – egging houses, speeding, getting arrested – the works. His ridic behavior was of little to no interest to us here at HTP until this Instagram pic he posted surfaced.
What you’re looking at is a picture of MJ flashing the peace sign to fans after pleading not guilty to molestation charges. Next to that is Beiber waving to fans after being released from jail for his DUI arrest. His caption read: “what more can they say.”

Actual Problem: Not sure who “they” is but I’m gonna assume “they” is HTP. HTP can say that comparing yourself to a dead legend is very Lohan-esque of you, Biebs. HTP can also say that Beat It is arguably better than As Long as You Love Me. Finally, HTP can say, with confidence, that Biebs is a little pansy who is exhibiting signs of possible mental illness veiled in douche-baggery.

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