Here’s The Problem: PINK needs more attention

Here’s The Problem: While everyone is busy doing their usual freak out post- Beyonce performance, I would like to take this time to talk about PINK. PINK is not getting enough credit, in fact, she is not getting any credit AT ALL. Bey Bey, while undeniably fierce, came out looking like a dominatrix, with a wet bob hairdo and proceeded to do her normal floor crawling routine. PINK, on the other hand, DESCENDED FROM THE CEILING ON RIBBON. PERFORMED A SERIES OF ACROBATIC TRICKS WHILE SINGING….WITH NO NET. NO. NET. Once on the ground, she LIFTED A MAN OFF THE GROUND USING ONLY HER THIGH STRENGTH.

Actual Problem: Ground crawling = mediocre. Flying thru the sky & lifting a dude = WINNING. Why cant more people see this???


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