Here’s the Problem: Oprah, Lindsay, and most importantly – us

WATCH VIDEO HERE (Thanks DailyMail for having the only video still standing. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE, OPRAH???)

LisaKar – Have you seen the preview for the Lindsay show on OWN?

Kara: I have

Lisa: a. it looks amazing

b. we should write a problem?

Kara: a. agreed

b. yes!

Lisa: So, here’s what my problem is – watching it made me want to be Lindsay Lohan in a way I haven’t felt since the Parent Trap

Kara: LOL.  You realize what the actual problem with that is, right? You want to be a bloated drug addict…..


You really want Oprah to mentor you

Lisa: Oof.  Neither. I want to mentor OPRAH

Oprah – You are too old for all that eye make up!

This is your life!

I want you to win!!

Don’t you want that for yourself????

I will tell all these hair and make up people to go home right now, Oprah

But you have to want to want it.

Kara: Why does Oprah even bother will all this shit?  She is SO rich.  If I had Oprah money I would just sit around

If I had ANY money, I would sit.

I wouldn’t be chasing around LiLo

Lisa: Well then we’ve finally figured out the difference between you and Oprah.

That and she lets her hair go natural more often than you do.

Kara:  I just choked on my Wheat Thin

Lisa: Ah right, and Oprah doesn’t eat Wheat Thins


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