Here’s the Problem: Jay-Z and Solange Go At It… AGAIN?

Lisa:  Hey Bun!

Kara:  Bun!

Lisa:   Have you seen this Solange Jay-Z elevator fight?

Kara:  I have.   She’s soooo crazy and Beyonce just stands there.

Lisa: Because she’s a robot?

Kara:  Ummm… more like because she’s seen it all before.

Lisa:  Ooooooh!  I hadn’t thought of that. You think this is a common thing?

Kara:  I do!  Otherwise Bey woulda like, waved her arms or something.   She literally just stands there.  You can almost hear her yawn.

Lisa: Maybe this is what Bey Bey, Diddy and Kimmy K do for entertainment –  Put Hova and Solange in a cage and let them go at it.

Kara: I think Solange would lose.  She is not very big.

Lisa:  No.  And HOV has some HEFT.  But don’t underestimate a crazy chick with wild eyes.

Kara:  Tell me about it.

Wanna see – SEE! and HEAR! – Kara talk about her fighting career?  Go here!  LMVO has all the hot girl fight commentary.

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