I’m Kara.


And I’m Lisa.


We work together in the glory that is the Los Angeles entertainment industry.

We’re two cute, short, 20-somthing gals who talk a lot of smack – but can usually back it up. We see a lot of problems in this world and think you should know about them.

Hillary Weiss is our wonderful intern.  As you can see, Hillary looks like a Kara-Lisa spawn (we did not require this in the application, but needless to say are thrilled).   Hillary will be attending Boston University in the fall where her connection to this blog will garner overwhelming attention from esteemed professors and hot senior boys alike.

We’d also like to thank Moye Ishimoto and Chris Kim for all their help and support in putting this site together and keeping it interesting.  They’re our favorite Asians!

And then, of course, two more awesome pictures of us for your enjoyment.


lisa leypyoyo

your support is welcome!!! (and MUCH appreciated…..)

22 responses to “About

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. What?! this site is dope! keep it up ladies!!

  3. They are very funny and very dangerous. You’ve been warned.

  4. I love the website. I plan on sending in some of my problems… Have a beautiful day.

  5. booboomeister

    Love you work. Keep it up. Do you have a book deal yet?

  6. This is the only non-porn site listed on my favorites ! Kudos!

  7. amazing, keep it up.
    BTW: that was my turtle and I found it…

  8. I love your site and am stealing a couple topics for conversations on a podcast I have with some friends. I know ladies like yourselves probably have very busy social calendars, but if you find yourselves with a Friday evening free and a skin thick enough for some explicit joking around, email me. We’d love to have you on the show, and if you had fun we could talk about making you a regular feature.

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  10. Are those pics certified awesome?

  11. Please explain to me why you would say that “ther’s a problem” with a young woman marrying Gary Coleman. Is it because he is short? Or because he looks different from your typical man? You also referred to him as a “fool.” Why did you write this?

  12. Love it. Says what the rest of us are only thinking!

  13. First time to this site. And you know what? The header photo is from my college when someone tried for some sort of art installation/party theme that didn’t go according to plan. It rocked my world to randomly see that image.

  14. Here’s the problem: I stumbled across your blog around midnight and didnt stop reading until 6am

    Actual problem: I think my BieberFever has been replaced by ProblemFandom

  15. this blog = ❤

  16. Here’s the problem: I found your website far too late. I am now unable to sleep at night because I’ve decided catching up on your blog entires far surpasses my own health and well-being. I am also concerned that my friends and I may be writing this via nocturnal brainwaves sent across the country. I’m becoming alarmed at the amount of similarities between us and the issues we find pressing and how we articulate them.
    Actual problem: We had no idea there were other girls like us that exist in this world, and now that we know, the reality that we live 3,000 miles away and will never be friends is truly unsettling. Also, we lack an intern.

    • herestheproblem

      Not so quick girl! One of us (the less funny one) is from NJ and in a sideways life where I didn’t run across the country to get out of a doomed relationship, we would be bffs.

  17. please post hef at disneyland with his fiance as your latest problem…them called him captain hef of the s.s. haters gonna hate…it’s so sad, and I couldn’t find the email to send you this personally so i just have to post it here…soo sad…and a MAJOR problem!

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  19. Here’s the problem:
    I can’t find you guys.
    I would like to convert some of your entries to video shorts as a daily feature on a new micro/local TV mobile all video concept.
    We can create one and posted onto the beta mobile site channel for you to evaluate if you have interest, or we could have a meeting to discuss the whole thing.

    Mel Appel
    Marina del Rey

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