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Here’s the Problem: Achy Breaky Hearts

Here’s the Problem: Billy Ray and Trish Cyrus have announced they are filing for divorce.

Actual Problem: So now Miley gets two sets of allowances? That bitch always gets the best of both worlds.


Here’s The Problem: Miley as a Fairy


Here’s The Problem: Disney hopped on the supernatural band wagon and purchased the rights to the novel: WINGS. Miley will star as a girl who discovers that she is a Fairy.

Actual Problem: We are on fantasy overload here man! Vampires, Wizards, Fairies??? What next? Girl falls in love with her boss who turns out to be a dwarf on the run for stealing the prized unicorn of the King of Century City who is really a dolphin but is under a spell that can only be broken by…..see where i’m going here?