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Here’s the Problem: The Circle of Life

Here’s the Problem:  Did you know sometimes when a person’s ego gets so big it manifests itself in the form of a fetus?

Actual Problem: Mariah Carey’s preggers.


Here’s the Problem: Surprise Babies

"The following program contains reenactments..."

"The following program contains reenactments..."

Here’s the Problem: It only takes 5 minutes of watching for me to become obsessed with TLC’s sleeper hit, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”.

Actual Problem: In the last 2 hours I’ve seen 7 women give birth without previously knowing they were pregnant. Great! One more thing to worry about.

Update:  So… apparently this is more likely to happen if your southern, and and idiot.  Oh, and you have to have sex too.   Nevermind.